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What’s your home really worth? If you are thinking of selling or refinancing your home, our FREE internet tool, ValueCheck, looks at local area sales to help you estimate your home’s value in just seconds.*

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* Where does the ValueCheck data come from?
ValueCheck is an Internet resource provided through Alliance's affiliation with a third party provider. This resource is not all-inclusive and may not have data available on every property. The value is derived by using sales from the past that have occurred in the same subdivision filing as the subject property. Those sales are then analyzed using a process called Multiple Regression Analysis or MRA. Essentially, MRA uses past sales and property characteristics to predict what the subject property would sell for today. Extensive testing is then conducted which compares the MRA value to actual sales. If a subdivision has limited sales, the sales have a wide variation, or the real estate data is limited, ValueCheck does not produce a value and recommends a full appraisal. The MRA value is similar to what the blue book value is to a car. In that respect the value is what a typical buyer would pay under typical conditions. It should be understood that this value is only an estimate, and the individual home characteristics and buyer/seller preferences could cause variation in the actual sales price.