Convenience Services

We’re in the business of making things simple…

Download our app for iPhone & Android devices. App includes mobile check deposit and texting for service.

Digital Wallets

Apple Pay, Google Pay, & Samsung Pay are available in your devices’ app store. Simply add your Alliance debit card to pay for your in-store transactions with your smartphone.

Below you’ll find information on other convenience services that we offer to our Alliance members!

Virtual Branch

Virtual Branch is a free service from Alliance that allows you to see your account balance summaries, view detailed account inquiries including deposits and withdrawals, transfer funds, make loan payments and advances on lines of credit and much more. View the demo and FAQs to learn more!

Check out our Online Banking Tutorial!

Online Bill Pay

Bill Pay allows you to easily pay bills from your checking account via the Internet. Our members have access to an industry-leading electronic billing and payments solution. The intuitive user interface makes it easy for members to pay bills and people they know, receive and view their bills electronically, and maintain complete control over their money movement all from one location inside online banking. You can pay bills individually or set up recurring bill payments up to 18 months in advance. You can also transfer money between your accounts. To enroll in FREE Online Bill Pay, simply login to Virtual Branch and click the “Bill Pay” tab.

Check out our Online Bill Pay Tutorial!

CardValet- Turns Your Debit Card On & Off

CardValet is ideal for members who want to proactively manage their debit card accounts anytime, anywhere through their smart phones. CardValet allows you to turn your debit card on and off. You can also establish transaction controls for dollar amount limits, merchant categories and geographic locations. Protect yourself from fraud by setting up alerts letting you know when your debit card is being used. With CardValet, you can also check your account balances in real-time. Download the CardValet app today. App is available for Apple and Android devices.

Check out our CardValet Online Tutorial!

Personalized Debit Cards with MyPic Debit

You will have two options to choose from. Simply upload your image for full edge-to-edge card coverage or select the Photo ID Only option if you would only like your headshot. Many members choose this option for added debit card security.

Please note that your current card will be disabled when you activate your new card.

There is a $9.95 service charge for this service, which will be deducted from your checking account when the new card is ordered. Image submissions are subject for approval. For example, any third-party trademarks, copyrighted materials, or name, image and likeness of any public figures, will not be approved.

For lost or stolen debit cards, please call 1-800-472-3272.

ACH Origination

If you normally write a check from another financial institution to make your monthly Alliance loan payment, your life just got a little easier! You can now originate an electronic payment from another institution directly into your designated Alliance loan account inside Virtual Branch. All payment information is encrypted, so it’s safe & secure!

You can also originate an electronic payment that will be automatically deposited into your Alliance checking or savings account without ever needing to contact any bank or credit union to make the request. These payments can be setup as single or recurring transactions are managed totally by you, and best of all – It’s FREE! Simply login to Virtual Branch and click on the ‘Self Service’ tab. For all credit card payments and any payment over $2,500, please phone the Call Center at 636-343-7005, option 0. Take control of your account today!

Electronic Notices

You will now be able to receive notices regarding your account activity electronically via your email account inside Virtual Branch. With e-Notices, you have easy access to notices, letters and other correspondence related to your account. This is the fastest and most secure way to receive notices and it is environmentally friendly! Please note that some paper notices will be discontinued. Alliance will no longer print and mail NSF, Overdraft, ACH reject and Courtesy Pay notices to members.

Notices that can be sent via e-Notices:

  • ACH Overdraft Letters
  • Overdraft Notice
  • Overdraft Courtesy Pay Notice
  • Transaction Receipts
  • Loan Past Due Notice
  • Variable Rate Notice
  • Loan Payment Notice

To sign up for free e-Notices, log into Virtual Branch online banking and click on the Self Service tab. In the Additional Services bubble, click on e-Notices. Using the checkboxes, choose which e-Notices you would like to receive, or choose “All Notices.” You will also find our other green services such as E-Statements and Bill Pay within the Self Service tab.

Members will receive an email when e-Notices are available. To view e-Notices, log into Virtual Branch and click on the Self Service tab to use the View e-Notices bubble. To discontinue e-Notices, please contact the credit union. It’s that easy to reduce paper usage cost, help the environment, and gain easy access to your important account information!

Overdraft Options: Alliance offers several ways to bounce-proof your checking account!

It happens to all of us.  You make an honest mistake in your checkbook.  You’re a little short of cash 2-3 days before payday. Unusual or unforeseen circumstances pop up at just the wrong time.  That’s why Alliance Credit Union offers options for overdraft protection on your checking account.

Option One: Transfer from Another Deposit Account

You can arrange for another deposit account to transfer automatically to prevent your checking account from being overdrawn. Regulation D limits the number of automatic transfers to non-transactional accounts (i.e., non-checking) to 6 per month.

A nominal convenience fee will be charged per transfer.

Option Two: Overdraft Line of Credit

An overdraft line of credit gives you automatic protection when you need it, up to your credit limit.  There’s no cost to you unless you use it.  When you do, the interest is only pennies per day compared to expensive NSF and merchant returned check charges.

Your overdraft line also provides you with a personal line of credit to use for
whatever you need just by writing a check from your checking account.
You can also access your credit line by transferring available funds to another
Alliance  account through Virtual Branch Online Banking.

Option Three: Courtesy Pay

Even after the overdraft protection options above, you’re still covered with Courtesy Pay.  As a last line of defense, Courtesy Pay may cover your insufficient funds checks, up to your approved limit, for one fee per covered overdraft transaction.  Although you pay the fee, it protects you from additional merchant returned check fees, as well as the embarrassment of an NSF check.

Courtesy Pay goes into effect automatically after 60 days of having a checking account in good standing. This special service is available only after all overdraft protection options have been exhausted and is only available to qualified members.

Option Four: Extended Courtesy Pay

Be sure to opt-in below to extend this service to cover your everyday Debit/ATM transactions!

By opting in, we will cover any inadvertent mistakes made with your debit/ATM card. No more declined transactions at the register due to insufficient funds.

Opt-in today! 

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is when your entire paycheck automatically gets deposited directly into your checking account when you get paid. Ask an Alliance Financial Services Representative for more details about how to set up direct deposit with your employer.

Download Direct Deposit PDF

Popmoney: Person-to-Person Payments

Send money from your checking to friends, family and co-workers. Anytime. Popmoney is an innovative personal payment service that eliminates the hassles of checks and cash. Now, sending and receiving money is as easy as emailing and texting.

What it is

The Popmoney® personal payment service lets you send money to friends, family or almost anyone. All you need is their name and email address or mobile telephone number to move money from your bank account to theirs.

How it works

Popmoney allows you to send and receive money from Online Banking. You can send money to your contacts, who will be notified by email or text message that you wish to send money to them. You and your contacts will never need to exchange financial account information.

What you can use it for

Popmoney is easy and convenient for you and the people you send money to. Users can receive money in their eligible account online at their bank (if it’s a member of the Popmoney network), or at, saving them a trip to the bank.

Use Popmoney to:

  • Send money to your child at college
  • Send a gift to family and friends
  • Pay back friends for a fun outing
  • Pay your babysitter or lawn care service
  • Pay rent to your landlord or roommates

Getting Setup with Popmoney is easy!

Already enrolled in Online Bill Pay?
It’s just as easy to use Popmoney.

  1. Login to Online Banking
  2. Click the “What else can I do?” link on the bottom right
  3. Enter name, email or phone number
  4. Enter amount and hit send

 Popmoney Fees:

Fees are tiered and based on dollar amount and the selected delivery speed.

Up to $249.99$250 to $999.99$1,000 & up


24-Hour No-Cost Access to Your Accounts
Conduct all of your business transactions from the privacy and comfort of a touch-tone telephone.
Tel-A-Connect makes tracking your account activity as easy and convenient as the closest Touch-Tone telephone.  It puts important information at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Dial (800) 714-3319 from a Touch-Tone telephone.
    Listen for the step-by-step instructions.  (If this is your first time using Tel-A-Connect, press 2 for “help” information.)
  2. For account information press 1.  (You will need your member number and Tel-A-Connect PIN to access your account information.)  We suggest you change your PIN after the initial use.
  3. To customize your PIN:
    • Press 1 Account Information
    • Press 2 Customer Service
    • Press 3 Change PIN
    • Use the menu below as your guide.
Main MenuAccount Access Menu
1. Account Information System
1. Quick Check
2. Help Menu2. Account inquiries
3. Financial Transactions
Savings Account TypesChecking Account Types
01 Savings70 Daily Cash Fund
02 2nd Savings75 Regular Checking
04 Holiday Savings76 Free Personal Checking
05 Vacation Savings78 Premier Checking
71 Daily Investment Fund562 Line of Credit

Use Speed Keys to Make Your Transactions Faster

To use the Speed Key Menu follow the steps above. At the greeting Press 1, then 1 again. You’ll be asked to index your Member Number followed by the “#” sign then your PIN followed by the “#” sign. Select a transaction from the list below. Use the “*” to return you to the previous menu.

  • #12 Balance Information
  • #13 Account history
  • #14 Tax & IRA Info
  • #15 Financial Transactions
  • #43 Change PIN Number

 Other Alliance Convenience Services: