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Fraud Prevention

We’re Looking Out For You

Each year, scammers and identity thieves steal billions of dollars from consumers. Read below to learn how to recognize, report, and prevent fraud, common scams, identity theft, and cybercrimes.

The security of your personal information is a primary goal of Alliance. Your Credit Union is dedicated to protecting the members, their money, and their identity. In accordance with our Privacy Policy, Alliance Credit Union has never shared non-public, personal information, except as required by law, and we will continue to protect your privacy. It’s just one more way that we deliver value and enrich the lives of our members.


What to Report and Where to Report it?

  1. Report anything you think may be identity theft – in scam, cybercrime, or data breach – and get a recovery plan.  Reporting site:  IdentityTheft.gov
  2. Report unwanted calls from telemarketers and register your number on the national do not call registry.  Reporting site:  National Do Not Call Registry
  3. Report anything you think may be a fraud, scam, or bad business practice. Reporting Site:  ReportFraud.ftc.gov
  4. Report any suspected cybercrime.  Reporting site: Internet Crime Complaint Center(IC3) | Home Page
  5. Report a suspected investment fraud or a problem with your investments. Reporting Site:  SEC.gov | Tips, Questions, and Complaints
  6. Report a potentially fraudulent, illegal, or unethical investment activity. 
    Reporting Site: File a Tip | FINRA.org
  7. Report a violation of the Commodity Exchange Act or Commission regulations. Reporting Site: Submit a Tip | CFTC

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