Alliance Offers Added Protection!

With the NCUA, your Alliance Credit Union deposits are insured up to $250,000 per individual depositor.

Credit Life and Credit Disability

You can’t predict or prevent debilitating or life-threatening event. But you can prepare for it. That’s what Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance is all about: helping to protect our members and their families during times of disability or death.
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Home, Auto, Term Life & Accidental Death Insurance by TruStage

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Guaranteed Auto Protection

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) covers that gap between the amount your car is worth and the amount you still owe in the event that your car is totaled or stolen and unrecovered. GAP supplements, but does not replace, your primary auto insurance coverage.

GAP is designed for all drivers, whether you finance a new or used vehicle. It may even cover your insurance deductible – up to $1,000 – as part of your claim settlement. And, the cost of GAP can be financed with your loan!  GAP will also give you $1,000 towards your replacement vehicle, financed at the credit union.

It’s a great way to be sure you won’t be stuck paying for something you no longer have and it’s a lot of protection for a small cost.

For more information about GAP, please call Alliance at (636) 343-7005 or Email Us.

 Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Vehicles break down once in a while. It’s worse when they break down just after your factory warranty expires. That’s why Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) is a smart move.

If you have MBI, any out-of-pocket expenses for major repairs (like your transmission) are covered. You can get your vehicle repaired anywhere in the US and you’ll receive 24/7 roadside benefits such as towing, emergency services, rental car, travel expenses, and tire replacement. NO DEDUCTIBLE on covered parts and labor as well!

All in all, MBI is a great way to ensure you don’t get hit with a high repair bill. It’s like being under a warranty that won’t end. Can you afford NOT to have it? Remember that you do not have to have your auto loan with Alliance to purchase this coverage.

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For more information about MBI, please call Alliance at (636) 343-7005 or Email Us.