New Youth Account!

Alliance is a great place for your children to open their first savings account. Instilling the value of saving from a young age helps start a life-long habit and teaches your children about the responsibility and rewards that come with it. Our Star Student Savings Club is designed to help children ages 0-12 understand what a credit union is while teaching them how to be a superstar saver!

As a member of our Star Student Savings Club, you will earn $1 for every “A” or “B” that you receive on your semester report card. To encourage you to save that hard-earned money, we have created our Superstar Savings Card. Every time you save $5, simply bring it into any branch for deposit and we will give you a Superstar Savings Sticker. Once you collect 20 stickers or have saved up $100, we will deposit an additional $5 into your Star Student Savings Club account.*

Key Benefits:
•  Receive $1 for every “A” or “B” on their semester report card
• Kid’s earn 10% APY on the first $500 they save!
•  Savings account minimum balance of just $5
•  12-Month Superstar Saver CD: Perfect way to start saving for college. Open today for just $250!

Help your child, grandchild, niece or nephew develop good savings habits and have fun at the same time. Simply visit any branch to start your child’s Star Student Savings Club account today! Call us with any questions at 636-343-7005, option 0.

Please note that if your child currently has a Coindexter Youth Savings Account, you will need to let branch staff know that you now want your child to be in our new kid’s club account. It is that easy!