Fraud Prevention – Stay Vigilant!

At Alliance Credit Union safeguarding our members, their finances and their identities is our top priority.

In light of the recent surge in fraudulent activities within the industry, we urge everyone to remain vigilant and protect your personal and financial information. Should you ever doubt the legitimacy of any information requested from us, please don’t hesitate to disconnect and reach out to us directly at 636.343.7005, selecting option 0.

Common scams are phishing attempts, spoofed calls, identity theft, and investment schemes. It’s crucial to validate the authenticity of any request before divulging sensitive information. Remember, if we are reaching out to you, we will never request login credentials or passwords for identity verification.

Should you encounter any suspicious activity or suspect potential scams, we encourage to report it promptly to the appropriate authorities, including the Federal Trade Commission, your card issuer, or local law enforcement. Timely reporting can mitigate risk and protect others from falling victim to similar scams.

For further insights into potential scams and guidance on reporting, please click the link below.
Fraud Prevention

Stay vigilant, stay protected. Together we can combat fraud and preserve the integrity of our community.