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Are you following us on Facebook yet? Following a business on Facebook is easy and beneficial. We work hard to ensure the content on our page is personal, entertaining, relevant, and interesting – but most importantly, we want it to be valuable and beneficial to YOU! Here are five reasons you should be following our Facebook page right now:

1) Because you love being a member here
You love keeping your money local and you enjoy the perks of being a credit union member. Why not let your friends and family know!

2) Because you are part of our community
As a local, not-for-profit financial cooperative, we understand the importance of building community relationships. That is why we support local businesses, artists, musicians, charities, and events such as The Little Bit Foundation, Community Women Against Hardship, Sherwood Forest,
1904 World’s Fair Society, and many others.

3) Because you want to get to know us better
We try to be as transparent as possible on social media. By following us, you can learn from other people’s questions, write us a review, be the first to know about new products & services, get to know our staff, and get a behind-the-scenes look at how we operate.

4) Because you want to interact with us
As a financial cooperative, we believe it is important to listen and respond to everyone. Following us on Facebook makes interacting with us easy. Leave a review, ask a question, or let us know how we can better serve you.

5) Because you are interested in added value
By following us, you can receive exclusive offers that others cannot get. Be the first to know about money-saving offers and financial tips!

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